Saturday, May 05, 2007

Music and Food

They go together so well, why has no one made a symphony of it?

Match a meal with a symphony. 5 course meal, 5 movement symphony. Match the flavors with the feeling of music. Heavy, light, playful, serious. Music and food both have distinct emotions connected with them. Have a conductor choose a symphony that has 5 movements with different feels for each movement. He then explains the music to the chwf, who prepares a five corse meal to match.

You could probably only monetize this by using a few pieces... strings, horns, etc. Place them on a platform. Prepare one 5 course tasting menu. Everyone gets the same thing... no menu. Everyone arrives at the same time. The conductor and chef greet the audience and explain what they will be hearing, what they will be eating, and why the two pieces pair well. The first course is delivered as the first movement is played. As they end, the plates are taken away and the second course is brought out... until it is finished.

One night, one performance, one group. Repeat 3 times each weekend for a month, then change the menu and music. I haven't run numbers to see if this could be profitable, I just know that I have longed to experience food paired with music for several years now and would love to see it happen. If this were happening in chicago or new york I would fly in just for it.

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Casey said...

you should visit the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles sometime. Its an outdpor venue under the stars and you can bring your own dinner (we're talking full speed
bottles of wine anything you want) or dine from the restaurant. Its a great way to experience music and food together